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How to tie a bowtie video in 7 simple steps

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Your Guide To The Perfect Business Shirt

The perfect business shirt is one of the many essential ways to make a good impression. Either at work or play. A dress shirt can elegantly frame your face during a dinner date, presentation and later absorb any unwanted perspiration during a tough day at work. A high-quality and correctly fitting business shirt can play [...]

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Caring for Cotton - Washing and Ironing

Although CarbonCopy Shirts are well made, even they will not last long if they have not been properly looked after. But fear not - because looking after cotton shirts is actually not as tricky as you would imagine. An understanding of the proper ways to care for a cotton shirt, as well as an understanding [...]

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What is "Smart Casual" Business Attire Anyway?

Unfortunately I have some sad news for all of us: it’s a mystery – even people who have been in the fashion business longer than I have been alive are unsure as to what it exactly means. Does that mean donning a business shirt without a tie? Whilst the tux is out, where should jackets fit into it? Does [...]

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Feeling Blue - Tips on Men's Blue Business Shirts

What can we say about blue business shirts? They are king in the office. Wearing a blue work shirt to the office is announcing to the world that you are professional and need to be taken seriously, no matter what that job is. They're a good way of being seen as comfortable and part of [...]

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Virtual Virtues: The Advantages and Disadvantages With Shopping for Business Attire Online.

As we’re sure you’re aware, CarbonCopy Shirts is an online business. Now, when it comes to buying business shirts online, or any clothing online, there are certain advantages and disadvantages which should be discussed. As with any purchase, it pays to be a shrewd investor. So time to strap on those business-savvy goggles, don your economic gloves, and delve [...]

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Job Interview Attire - Some Do's and Don'ts

Well, ladies and gentlemen, you've gotten your resumé accepted by that company or government department, and they've called you and organised an interview. Congratulations! But now you're sitting there, anxiously worrying about how you can convince those faceless people from HR to hire you. The resumé can only carry you so far, so now comes [...]

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And Black is the New White - Black Shirts and Suits

Black is always suave - hence the saying "[something] is the new black". The man who wears lots of black is associated with stylish, cool, and uniqueness - in fact, if you are a bit of a loner - either professionally or emotionally - there is an excellent chance there will be a lot of [...]

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White is the New Black - White Shirts and Suits.

The white dress shirt is a staple that should appear multiple times in every man's wardrobe. It is versatile, being able to uniquely appear across the entire spectrum, from casual through to formal. It has the ability of making any man, no matter their size, skin tone, hair colour, or occupation feel classy and sharp. [...]

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Working on a Beard? Facial Hair and the Workplace

And now gentlemen, a very important question must be asked. In this modern world we live in, we have seen a re-emergence of facial hair as fashionable. Whether it be entering hipsterdom or attempting to showcase masculinity (or perhaps, like ordinary gentlemen, you grew it because you liked the aesthetic and didn’t particularly want to shave every morning), beards [...]

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