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In the beginning, there were queries. And out of those queries, asked here and there by the people of the world, came the FAQ. And then we created the FAQ page, and saw that it was good. And all was well. Here are the fruits of our laborious tasks – enjoy them as they seduce with the temptations of valued knowledge.

What is CarbonCopy Shirts Return Policy?

If for some reason the shirts are not exactly what you were after, such as too small or too large, then have no fear. For we have a no quibbles returns policy. There are but Three Commandments for Returning products:

1st Commandment: Is the Product in its original condition WITH the tags still attached? And is it in good condition? Think to yourself, “would I buy this in the current condition?”

2nd Commandment: E-mail us or make a return request via your account. If you either wish to exchange your shirt, or get a refund, it is important to contact us and let us know at info@carboncopyshirts.com.au.

3rd Commandment: Attach an address label to the package, place the shirts in the original package, or any other suitable packaging. Send it back to us and all shall be well again with the world.

Please note that the return shipping costs and any exchanges are the responsibility of the customer.

What are my return options?

There are three options available to a customer who wishes to return a product:

1: Replacement or exchange for a product (if a replacement is not available, we will contact you to discuss if you would like another instead.)

2. Credit to your CarbonCopy online account.

3. Full refund to your account (e.g. credit card, pay pal, etc.)

See our Shipping & Returns for more details.

Where are the shirts made?

And then Ed told them, that they shall make their shirts in China. And their socks and pants in China.

Then they proceeded to make the shirts in ethical factories in China, and there was much rejoicing.

Why are the prices so low?

When Ed and Andrea started the business, they did so with a mind to keep shirts available for the working people, who may not be able to afford the unrealistic expectations of those large companies such as T.M. Lewins. Bearing that in mind, CarbonCopy Shirts are a small company, which don’t have to pay a bloated bureaucracy of middle managers and advertising specialists. Instead, we do the work ourselves. We also buy directly from the factories themselves, which means we cut out a lot of the middle men. The savings in turn get passed onto you, the customer. Hence why we have such competitive prices.

How long do they take to deliver?

As CarbonCopy Shirts relies on Australia Post for the transportation of our goods, we have a variety of different times for you to expect your products. Here is a list, which



Melbourne metro


Sydney metro


Brisbane metro


Adelaide metro




Perth metro


Darwin City & Suburbs


Orders which have been received shall be duly dispatched upon the next Monday.

For those overseas who enjoy our shirts, contact us.

How can I pay for the shirts?

We accept VISA, Mastercard and AMEX which are securely processed through Eway which is Australia's largest trusted gateway for online payments. Alternatively, you can check out using PayPal.

Do I Need An Account To Shop With You?

That is not necessary, although if you would like to have an account we would happily welcome you into the fold.

What Are The Freight Charges?

Please see our Shipping & Return for specific details.

Can I Use Multiple Coupons for One Sale?

If you have acquired a much sought after discount code, please enter this in the check out process to receive your discount or gift. However, if you are lucky enough to have aquired more than one code, you can only use one coupon per sale.


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