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Our Shirts & how to care for them


CarbonCopy Shirts' business shirts are made from premium quality cotton. We pride ourselves in providing top range quality shirts to an affordable price. You will notice that we have given much care into the small details that makes a good, long lasting business shirt. Details such as the length of the stitch, the split yokes (on most shirts), quality buttons and the fusing of the collar & cuff have all been given our utmost attention. 

Men's shirts

Classic fit

CarbonCopy Shirts' Classic Fit shirt is our traditional shirt. It has a generous body cut with a long tail for added comfort.

classic fit men's shirt online  

Tailored fit

CarbonCopy Shirts' Tailored Fit shirt has a slim fit and follows the shape of the body (but still has room for movement), which gives it a modern twist. The perfect Friday shirt as it can be worn tucked in or out.

tailored fit men's shirt online


Our current range of business shirts have a standard spread style collar, but is still a bit wider spread than the normal pinpoint collar. This range will develop in time to include wider spreads and cut-away collars. 

men's shirts online - collar

All our men's shirts have removable collar stays, which ensure that the collar lies flat against the collarbone, looking neat and remaining in the correct place.

men's shirts online - stainless steel collar stays
Collar stays should be removed from shirts before dry cleaning or pressing.

Convertible cuffs

Some of CarbonCopy Shirts’s range of button cuff business shirts has a convertible cuff to suit most wearers. These convertible cuffs offer the flexibility to button the cuff as normal or to wear it with cuff links. The style is the same as the button cuff which is a non-fold cuff but it has 2 button holes that allows the use of cufflinks.

French cuffs

Our range of men's and women's French cuff shirts has been very popular since we launched it. Often French cuff shirts are associated with dress shirts but a French cuff shirt can also add that little bit extra to the overall look and worn with a nice pair of cufflinks it can really make a statement in the office. However, you can always roll the sleeves up and enjoy the shirt a bit more casual.

Women's shirts

Our current range of women's business shirts are in a tailored fit hence following the shape of a woman's body and is taken in at the waist for a feminine look.

Shirt Care Recommendations

To get the most out of your CarbonCopy Shirts's business shirt, we recommend that you follow the shirting care instructions below:

  • Unbutton shirt before washing
  • To keep colours bright, turn clothing inside-out before washing
  • Wash shirt in cold water in washing machine
  • Remove collar stays from collar (men's shirts) before washing. With every shirt you will receive a set of collar stays. Use these to keep your collar looking neat and firm.
  • Hang in shade to dry. Do not tumble dry.
  • When ironing ensure there is always water in the iron. To assist in ironing, iron the shirt when damp or spray a small amount of water on the shirt when ironing.
  • Iron collar flat on the ironing board, wrong side up, and press from the outer points towards the centre of the collar. Turn the collar over and repeat.
  • Press the sleeves beginning with the inside of the cuff then the outside. Hold the collar and cuffs taut so they don't crease.
  • Do not soak the shirts.

We recommend you wash your shirts rather than dry cleaning. Some dry cleaners have a laundering service instead that you may wish to utilise.


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